Cheap and Simple Saab Upgrade: Rear View Mirror with Auto-dim function, Compass and Homelink

Cheap and Simple Rear View Mirror Upgrade (with auto dim, compass and homelink)

Replace your old rear vision mirror on your Saab with an automatic self-dimming version, its Cheap and Simple Saab Upgrade. From the list of critical, must-do, absolutely necessary jobs. Thanks to an excellent Saab video channel “Weakest of Weeks“, we now have a practical video instruction that shows us how to do this little but worthwhile job.

On this video channel you can find a lot of interesting video clips and tutorials about Saab cars. One of the fresher video clips is just dedicated to replacing the Rear View Mirror. In this video Saab vlogger replace his Saabs rear view mirror with an auto dimming with compass and homelink unit. Note that not all vehicles have an existing wiring harness. Be sure to check for harness before you purchase an auto dimming mirror:

This upgrade will not work for convertible models.

If you order a new rearview mirror from one of the online Saab parts stores, it will cost you a lot, as much as $700 (Saab Part Number: 12756338). But, thanks to the numerous car Scrapyards you can get a much cheaper to get to these rearview mirrors, or something more expensive if you order via Ebay. Even if you order via Ebay, the price will be even 10 times cheaper than the new part.

Also, pay attention, EU cars did not have the compass (because of the habit of navigation outside the United States and the layout of roads that do not match the coordinate system).

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  • When my 2000 9-5 SE mirror physically broke, I ordered a used part from Goldwing. They sent the mirror for the 2001 and beyond. The connectors are different after 2000, (male and female reversed). I cut the commectors off both mirrors and soldered the matching color leads to the harness plug from the 2000 onto the 2001 mirror. Once installed, I had to drive three times around a court to calibrate the compass. It’s been great ever since.

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