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“Changing fate” – The first episode from Saab “Life Stories”

Saab 900 Toppola

As we have announced in previous posts, Swedish production company Rough Studios AB  created the first video from the series “Life Stories” for Orio AB. They are currently producing a series of short films for client Orio., with focus on different Saab- profiles/ entusiast that have a special connection to Saab.

The first episode was aired last week, and the next episode will be broadcast on Friday afternoon.

In first episode  we can see the customised adventure Saab belonging to Bert and Catharina, whose story they told in this video “Changing fate” .

Saab 900

Meet Bert & Catharina, the couple who traveled across the globe in their Saab 900 Toppola.

A journey that started with an unpleasant surprise became a wonderful adventure:

Of course, Saab has a long and important legacy as a car brand to keep – That’s why this series is part of the initiative ‘Parts for Life’ by Orio AB.