Saab Do It Yourself; How to Customize your own Saab car to fit your needs. For the home mechanic, read and see how to repair your Saab car in a home garage, reduce costs and get to know your SAAB better.

how to defrost windshield

Make Your Own Windshield Defrosting Spray

In the northern part of the Earth's hemisphere, winter is coming and the first frost is in the air, which can only mean that it is time to get ready and prepare your Saab for use in winter conditions. Familiarize...


When and How to Change Saab Gearbox Oil?

To keep the gears inside your Saab's transmission turning smoothly, they rely on Gearbox oil to get the job done. Most car owners do not think about the oil level in the gearbox. The only thing you may have heard...

Check voltage: The residual voltage can easily be measured with a battery tester. If it is below 12.6 volts, it should be recharged as soon as possible.

What Causes a Car Battery to Drain?

The reasons for the discharge of the battery on your Saab car can be numerous, just like the number of reasons why the battery is an important part of modern cars. The main purpose of the car battery is to...

In addition to proper tire pressure, drivers also need to make sure that the one-way tires are properly mounted on the car. The arrow on the side wall indicates the direction of rolling.

Nitrogen vs. Air in Your Saab’s Tires

At some better equipped gas stations, as well as in vulcanizing shops, in addition to air compressors, nitrogen filling of tires can be offered. Nitrogen in tires - where did such an idea come from? Filling tires with nitrogen promises...


How to Prepare Your Saab Car for a Summer Trip?

Even though the train or plane can be convenient (and in some cases necessary, depending on the destination), there are many families who choose to travel by car for their summer vacation. For us Saab car owners, this is even...

Saab 9-5 Summertime

How to Cool Your Car Quickly and Efficiently!

Due to increasingly hot summers, the use of air conditioners in households and in cars is increasing from year to year. It is the same with our Saab cars, it is certain that air conditioners are used more and more,...

saab car air conditioner

How to Clean Your Saab’s Air Conditioning System

When you turn on the ventilation in your Saab car, with or without the air conditioner on, and you immediately feel a stench or just a mild unpleasant smell, it's definitely time to react. Your health is also at stake,...

Ambient light kit SAAB 9-3

Saab 9-3 Interior Ambient Light Kit Upgrade

One of Saab's good suppliers of spare and upgrade parts for Saab seems to be out of order. Their range included many parts from the Hirsch Performance program to improve aerodynamics, but also upgrades to brakes and suspension kits,...

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