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Saab Do It Yourself; How to Customize your own Saab car to fit your needs. For the home mechanic, read and see how to repair your Saab car in a home garage, reduce costs and get to know your SAAB better.

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DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

User’s guide for the Saab WIS

This video is Jonathan Jogenfors (editor of Trionic Seven - The YouTube channel for Saab enthusiasts) user's guide for the Saab WIS (Workshop Information System) and EPC (electronic parts catalog) software packages. WIS and EPC contain tons of information for doing DIY...

DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

DIY: Saab 9-3 Short Shifter

If you're irritated by long gear stick in your Saab 9-3, TWM Performance has a solution for you. They creates an interesting product for most brands, including Saab - Short Shifter. Their Short Shifter Kits for Saab 9-3 included a Aluminum Shift Knob, and In addition,...

DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

Saab 9-3 Reset Service Indicator

Message: "Time for Service!" So this comes up every time you start from cold your Saab 9-3. You have been changing  own oil and and you know for sure that it is not time for the service. What your car is asking to...

DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

DIY: iPad in a SAAB 9-3

Followers of blog have done an impressive DIY work,  and they were integrate iPad Mini in the SAAB 9-3 dashboard. Here were several unsuccessful attempts, but Now iPad Mini  sits in place and its is fully functional,  together with the charge and play music,...

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