SAAB Concepts

For years, the SAAB has developed unique car prototypes to bring innovations visually to life and showcase past, present and future. In addition to the official concepts of Saab cars, the enthusiasts themselves have made their own proposals for the look of Saab cars, here we introduce you to these interesting ideas.

Saab 9-4x sport package
SAAB Concepts

Saab 9-4x Sport Concept

Very interesting Saab Sport SUV concept based on Saab 9-4x. Unfortunately, this is only amateur Photoshop work, but it gives us an insight into how well could look like a some imaginary future Saab SUV. The author has combined the silhouette of Saab 9-4X models...

SAAB Concepts

Arvid’s Saab concepts

Arvid Schwartz is a 19-year-old student from from the Swedish city Vagesbon. Arvid studied Industrial Design and according to his works, which he uploads to the Instagram We can see that he has talent. Among many of the Car concepts that he...

Saab 99 GLE-L
SAAB Concepts

Extended Saab 99 GLE-L

Pic of the week this time comes from the Valmet Automotive company. This is the first extended Saab model made in Valmet Autoomotive in Uusikaupunki (Finland) – Saab 99 GLE-L from 1976. The front part comes from the Saab 99, the...

SAAB Concepts

Saab Novanta Bertone up for Auction!

Another tragic story from the world of motoring and automotive industry. Happens to many family businesses when the founder stops managing. A great Bertone design house that is no more. Among many Bertone projects, we find this concept - Saab Novanta by Bertone. This...

Saab 906 Turbo
SAAB Concepts

Saab 906 Turbo – Biggest Saab Ever Built

Here's another interesting Saab concept that is conceived and created by designer Leif Mellberg (who was also the designer of Saab EV1 prototype, Saab 900 Speedster, Saab Mayo, and Saab Gullwing) - six wheeler Saab 906 Turbo - Biggest Saab Ever Built. We’ve...

h.s 2017 Saab 9-3 concept
SAAB Concepts

New HS Concept: 2017 Saab 9-3

After a very interesting concept 2016 Saab 9-3, Swedish Graphic designer & Car design enthusiast Haris Sacic send us new Saab Concept  - his vision of 2017 Saab 9-3! This concept is much more in the manner of the SAAB, with much more recognizable Saab lines....

Saab 9-3 2016
SAAB Concepts

SAAB 9-3 2016

Haris Sacic is 25yo Graphic designer & Car design enthusiast based in Sweden. And his Dream job is In the automotive business. This ih his vision of SAAB 9-3 2016. During the creation of this piece, his main goal was to implement typical...

Saab CX
SAAB Concepts

Saab CX & EX

A rather odd Saab entry for the marketplace category this time, which was christened 'CX'. Now this is not some original factory one-off but a custom Saab designed and built by a guy from Oslo, Norway, called Per Ekstrøm. 1997 for...

SAAB Concepts

New Saab 900 – Most Wanted Cars 2014!

Readers of Auto Express magazine picked a new version of the Saab 900 as one of the Fantasy cars they’d most like to see built.  "The Saab 900 is one of the ill-fated Swedish brand’s most recognizable designs – particularly the three-door version....

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