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Taiwan Saab 900 Turbo
Saab Video

SAAB 900 turbo – A Taste Of Classic

EKENBERG is a taiwanese automotive media brand capturing moments of peace for car enthusiasts, and here we present one of their latest videos dedicated to a beautiful Saab car - Black Saab 900 Turbo. This 900 Turbo is very similar...

Saab 900 Turbo in video "The Saab 900 Turbo was the Tesla of its day | Revelations with Jason Cammisa"
Saab Video

Most Watched SAAB on YouTube

Jason Cammisa's recent video on how SAAB was the Tesla of its day has been a huge hit with almost 1-million views. The outlaw SPG featured in that segment was in pieces just two weeks before the camera rolled. Get...

Saab 9-3 Ver2 2004 Left front Electric window control switch
Saab Video

DIY: Saab 9-3 Window Control Switch Repair

You will admit, it is very annoying and frustrating when some of the switches in the car do not work, especially those related to unlocking-locking doors and switches for lowering and raising windows. The latter, window lowering and raising switches...

Saab 99 Cutaway Drawing
Saab TechnologySaab Video

Saab 99 Cutaway Video

A cutaway model is an object that is partially cut open to illustrate its internal structure and how it works. Often the cut edges or individual functional areas are colored for better visibility. Cut-away models can be movable and can...

Saab Video

In-Car Video: Irresponsible Saab driver

This is not desirable behavior behind the wheel. Driver of Saab vehicle accelerated when he saw that the other driver is overtaken him... The result could have been much worse... Whole unfortunate event was recorded from a on-board camera in Saab...

Saab Turbo boat
SAABSaab Video

Boat with 2 Saab’s turbocharged engines

What do you think of the combination of a small fishing boat and two powerful Saab car engines? Pretty explosive, right?! The Vator 22 Motor boat The Vator 22 is a motor boat manufactured by Vator Boats, a Swedish boat...

Saab Video

Saab Performance Team in miniature

In short ....... 1 Nikon D40 cameras, two models of Saab, three fans of Lego, 365 photos and 3 spare time = miracle! =)

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