The part of the blog that brings news that connects the aeronautical heritage of the Saab brand and cars.


Saab race to Falun 2015

Next week the Nordic World Ski Championships kicks off in Falun Sweden. Saab AB is sponsor this global event, and look forward to showing people on site how Saab technology contributes daily to the protection of borders, people and society. Meet skier...


She is the Designer of Fighter Jets!

Charlie Westrin's day starts by sitting down at her computer and starting up the programmes she needs for the day's work. But it's not enough to sit on her own and work. Charlie talks a great deal with other departments...


Saab 37 Viggen by LEGO

The Saab 37 Viggen ("Thunderbolt, ambiguous with ‌"Tufted duck") is a Swedish single-seat, single-engine, short-medium range combat aircraft, manufactured between 1970 and 1990. And this is LEGO Technic SAAB JA-37 Viggen in Scale 1:21 with  retractable landing gear, foldable stabilizer, opening canopy,...