Can the Iconic Swedish Brand SAAB Make a Comeback? Insights from Its Owner

Saab's Resurgence: From Automotive Icon to Defense Leader – Insights from Business Insider Polska

The Saab logo in the automotive world remains the property of the SAAB AB conglomerate

A Decade Gone By

More than a decade has passed since the last vehicles bearing the emblem of the iconic Saab brand rolled off the assembly lines. Despite this hiatus, the Swedish conglomerate has persisted and, in fact, is thriving. The longevity of the company prompts questions about the potential revival of Saab automobiles. Seeking clarity on this matter, we reached out to Mattias Rådström, Saab’s head of communications, for insights.

A Disappointing Revelation

In our conversation with Mattias Rådström, he revealed discouraging news for enthusiasts of Swedish automobiles. “No, we have no plans to revive the Saab automotive brand,” he asserted definitively. This statement extinguished hopes for the return of Saab vehicles in the foreseeable future, as reported by Business Insider Polska.

Saab Cars' logo

A Different Path than MG

Unlike the resurrection of the MG brand under Chinese ownership, Saab has chosen a different trajectory. While MG found new life under the auspices of the Chinese state-owned conglomerate SAIC, Saab remains steadfast in its decision not to follow suit. Instead, it seems committed to charting its own course.

Saab’s Emphasis on Defense

Saab’s strategic focus lies squarely in the defense industry. “We are concentrating on the defense sector,” Rådström emphasized in an interview with Business Insider Polska. Given the current geopolitical landscape, Saab perceives ample opportunities and challenges within the defense sphere, indicating a deliberate shift away from automotive pursuits.

Thriving Amidst Geopolitical Realities

In light of prevailing geopolitical tensions, Saab finds itself occupied with a myriad of defense-related endeavors. Rådström’s assertion underscores the company’s recognition of the demands and complexities inherent in navigating today’s global security landscape.

A Firm Stance on Automotive Ventures

Saab’s stance on its automotive legacy is resolute. Despite the allure of potential projects, such as the Emily GT, which evoke nostalgia for Saab’s automotive glory days, the company remains firmly entrenched in the defense sector. This decision aligns with Saab’s strategic vision and dedication to its core business interests.

Saab’s Future: A Shift from Automotive Legacy to Defense Focus

As automotive enthusiasts pine for the return of Saab vehicles, the company’s stance on its future direction is clear. Despite hopes for a revival akin to MG’s resurgence, Saab remains firmly focused on defense endeavors. The legacy of Saab endures, albeit in a different form, as the company continues to evolve and adapt to the challenges of the modern world.


  • Decepcionante y muy triste la decisión de la actual directiva de Saab. Parece mentira que los propietarios/entusiastas de automóviles Saab tengamos más amor por estos coches y la marca que sus directivos, que únicamente miran oportunidades de negocio. Sabemos que las empresas se mantienen gracias a los beneficios económicos pero creo que Saab tenía….algo más, y sus directivos actuales carecen de ese “espíritu Saab”

    • I believe that they should come back. Saab had a unique shape and was dependable and now Tesla has stole that shape and niche.

      If they stick with the shape that they had in the ’80s but upgrade the interior and make a few hybrids I think they will do just fine.

  • l know something about quality of SAAB.So l believe always SAAB has a percent of Market represent,Timeless ,Strong Car,and reasonably prices of everything.l believe also marketing is important.Look out country Türkiye another Swedish car Volvo has big share iGrt.Why Saab not?. l am waiting your dedicated step s our country Türkiye, be a Strong car owning again.Good luck.Also l am eager to ses Trollhattan visit.Greetings from Türkiye. Vith our country best wish.

  • Jag skriver bara hur min personliga uppfattning är av den här frågan.
    Äger fyra Saabar och älskar bilmärket Saab. Har dock accepterat att det aldrig kommer tillbaka.
    För mig är det heller inte så viktigt om en bil heter EV Elektra eller Saab. För mig är det viktiga om bilen är en tvillingsjäl med gamla Saab.
    Exempelvis MG som nämndes här har inte mer än namnet gemensamt med det som för mig är Engelska sportbilar.
    Mg har blivit Kina tillverkade suvar.
    Ungefär som att jag inte blir någon fantastiskt sångare även om jag skulle byta namn till Elvis Presley.
    Personligen tycker jag att Mr Jihad Muhammad har fått mycket negativ kritik.
    Men det jag har läst i intervjuer så känns det som han förstår Saabs själ och det ger i alla fall mig hopp.
    Han vill ju utveckla bilar i Trollhättan och även på sikt tillverka bilar där. För mig är det en ”Saab”oavsett vilket märke det sitter på huven.
    Jag är inte själv affärsman men jag har förstått att det inte finns någon möjlighet att tillverka bilar i Trollhättan just nu. Så affärsmässigt verkar det väl helt logiskt att tillverka bilar någon annanstans tills det finns möjlighet i Trollhättan.
    Emily GT projektet med en cabriolet modell och allt känns väldigt mycket Saab för mig och jag skickar alla lyckoönskningar till Mr Jihad Muhammad och hans team.

  • Vad som missas lite här är att Saab arbetat inom försvarsindustrin sedan länge så där inget nytt. Det är ju inte så att Saab bytt från bilar till försvarsindustri.
    Och att man inte säljer ut varumärket till kreti och pleti (läs Kina) ser jag bara som positivt.

  • I know the past of Saab very well with the very structures of the factory.
    Let’s ignore the reason for GM and their plsan.
    One of the main events.
    The Chinese took away all possible technical documentation that had not yet been applied in the auto industry.
    The Chinese were not interested in the factory or production.
    Saab was a few steps ahead of all the stronger car manufacturers.
    The Saab 9.5 was 5 years late to go into production.
    It was all over.
    The highest number of cars sold in 1996 was approx. 56,000 units.
    That was a small amount for the auto industry.
    There have been attempts to restart production where the reason is known to other teams

  • To Tomislav Perić >
    Well.. The attempts was with another name, Nevs. And the Saab Military group will never let anyone use the name to make a car brand again!

  • To Patrick Hagström >
    saab is nu gedaan die fabriek is er ook niet meer, daar mag ook geen wapens en gevechts vliegen niet meer mogen maken, de wapens moeten uitgeroeit worden er zijn al heel veel doden gevallen zie in oekrainen en israel wel zwaar geestelijk zieke honden

  • Çà n’aurait aucun intérêt… En 15 ans trop de choses ont changé dans la façon de concevoir. Si SAAB revenait on ne retrouverait que le nom. Les qualités qui ont fait les bonnes voitures ne sont plus à la mode. Même Volvo, Toyota ou BMW construisent de la merde aujourd’hui… Je préfère garder et faire durer ma 9.3 qui va avoir 18 ans que de rêver à un futur nouveau modèle.

  • It all depends what they want to call the new cars coming from Trollhättan. Emily Gt is realy exciting. 4 engines from what i understand and it gives an even weight- distribution.

  • Would love this to happen. GM’s bankruptcy and mismanagement was the culprit of SAAB’s demise. SAAB needs a company with enough
    $$$$ to resurrect it. Something like Zhejiang Geely Holding Group with Volvo. Just look at all the Volvo models and also Polestar!

    • It’s still heartbreaking to me. Ruining a stalwart, quirky fun brand of car that we owners swear was the best car we ever owned…even with all those quirks.

  • We hope so as they are great cars and I’m on my 2nd one, last one I kept for 5 years, the new one is now a year and a half and love it.

  • I think Saab needs a build-up from the ground again. Starting with a few (exclusive but still quite normal) cars at a time, to build up momentum again.

  • I have enjoyed driving numerous Saabs throughout my life , via hand me downs from my parents… I have kept my momentos (eg: emblems , steering wheels hanging in my garage) to remind me to this day. In the future, I most definitely would purchase another if the automobile manufacturing was resssureccted.
    It’s a pleasure to still see Saabs running on the road; And at least we have our fond memories, right!?

  • I have a 2006 saab aero 2.8 turbo engine v6. Love it fun machine to drive. Need parts and a good mechanic that know what they are doing.. definitely need for Saab to make a come back!

  • I feel in love with SAAB, without ever owing one. I was so close to buying a used 2011 9-5 XWD but hesitated due to GM’s faulty trimming chain issues on the 2.8. It was a difficult decision but one car I miss without ever owning it.

  • Won’t buy a “NEVS”, and electric is stupid to me. I will never own an electric car. What are those people going to do in freezing temps with their electric car, whole car runs off battery. Too many flaws. Just bring SAAB back, I’ll buy a saab car, no thanks to NEVS though 🙄

  • My understanding was that the Saab brand, for cars, is still owned by GM, who never sold it. And the defense business of the Saab brand has another owner. As an analogy, the car division of Rolls Royce is owned by BMW, and the aeronautical division – that produces airplane engines, for example – has another owner. If I am correct, until GM sells the Saab auto division brand name, nobody can produce cars with the Saab brand (except GM of course, if they decide to revitalize the brand).

  • Problem is the extreme competition, for instance, China has 91 EV companies. No room for yet another car brand. Want a Swedish car? You have Volvo or Polestar.

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