Brian Arthus’ Stanced Saab 9-2X

Brian Arthus’ Saab 9-2X Directed/Edited/Shot by Michael Elezovic and Victor Ivezaj. Must see this Video from 2011, great Photography…

Anyone that has owned a SAAB can attest that there is some x-factor that draws you to the Saab brand. Brian Arthus is one of crazy SAAB fans. This isn’t his first 9-2x.  His first SAABaru, a name given to the 9-2x as an allusion to the model’s WRX roots, was totaled in a random traffic accident. But the story didn’t end there: Brian is back with his new 9-2x, and it’s better than ever.

If you haven’t checked it out already, do so:

Despite being a rather rare model for SAAB, this platform is actually the most familiar to the casual import enthusiast in USA. Sharing much of it’s body and powertrain with the Subaru WRX, Brian contends, “The front end . . . just has more class than its Subaru badged counterpart. . .I think they captured a more “euro” look with it.”