Breaking: All-New NEVS cars Gets Its Picture Taken For The First Time

Those who monitor developments in NEVS production know that,  This year, the mass production and the sales of NEVS 9-3 EV based on the previous model Saab 9-3 will start. Along with the beginning of the sale of the NEVS 9-3 model in China, in Europe, more precisely in Trollhättan, the test car-sharing project SESMA starts , which also includes Trollhättan City, University West and RISE.

Just as we await the beginning of mass production and news about the possible sale of the NEVS 9-3 model in Europe, the first picture of the alleged new NEVS cars come to us via social networks. If you recall, new models of NEVS companies have been announced long ago, more precisely – at the end of 2015. Then we saw the drawings of these four new models.

This is the first ever all-new NEVS prototypes spotted anywhere in the world. As you can see in the pictures, two models are shown, the first is the Midsize Fasback sedan and second is the Compact SUV with label “L 113”. At first glance, the Midsize Fasback sedan pulls the roots from Jason Castriota’s concept, but there are lines that resemble the concept of French students:

NEVS Midsize Fastback

As you can see, this new NEVS prototype has a silhouette of its Castriota’s  concept, similar to the front grille, and especially similar – the rear end of the car.  Of course, a variation has been made, and there is something that resembles Saab’s hockey stick. Among the published photographs is the alleged draft of the Fastback model with a wheelbase of 280cm:

Midside NEVS fastback

According to the first reactions of those who saw the photos, the majority were satisfied with the new design, and some were delighted. This is particularly true for the compact SUV prototype marked with “L 113” label:

NEVS L 113 Compact SUV

We must admit, the “L 133” reminiscent of the Saab 9-4X, just looks more modern.We have yet to get full details about the mide-sized sedan and SUV, but in the coming days more information, new pictures and videos should be expected. The teasers indicate that a debut might not be too far away.

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