SAAB Advertising

“Born From Jets” Creative Advertising Campaign

Over the past decade the New York agency Lowe New York have made a large numbers of successful marketing campaigns for Saab cars.

One of the interesting Lowe campaign was led by Simon Bowden – and the name of the campaign was “Born From Jets Dealership Campaign“. Challenge was to bring “Born from jets” campaign into dealership themselves and reach people as they’re actively deciding whether or not to purchase a Saab.

Saab everyday mission patches

They created a series of interactive items that were used inside the dealership and on test drives. Items ranged from ear popping spearming gum and air sickness bags to everyday mission patches.

Saab sickbag

As a result, they received an overwhelmingly positive response from dealership themselves saying how to the items helped them more easily interact with Saab customers. And, December 2006 sales were tje highest yet for Saab.

Saab spearmint gum

Saab CD for Jet Pilots