Book: “Saab – The First 40 Years Of Saab Cars” (1987)

The First 40 Years of Saab Cars

SAAB: The first 40 years of Saab cars” is book (you can find on Amazon – from $29.20 used & new (18 offers)) by Bjorn-Eric Lindh translated by Tom Byrne in 1987.

There are fewer gaps in one-make historiography as time goes on, and a significant one has now been filled by this grandly produced story of forty years of the popular and individualistic Swedish Saab.


With lavish colour illustrations, and a comprehensive text taking the history from the Saab’s forerunners and the early three-cylinder DKW-like two-strokes, through the Saab EJ racing cars, Monte Carlo and other competition successes, the Sonnett and on up to the Saab 900 and Saab 9000 series, it is not surprising that Saab (GB) Ltd has made this a presentation volume to commemorate the opening of its new headquarters here.

Book: "Saab - The First 40 Years Of Saab Cars"
Book: “Saab – The First 40 Years Of Saab Cars”

The significant aircraft side of Saab is included in this welcome book, whose foreword is by Sten Wennlo, vice-president of Saab-Scania AB and general manager of Saab’s Car Division.