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Blake’s Saab Sonett Hayabusa is looking for a new owner

Sonabusa - Saab Sonett & Suzuki hybrid

Those who follow the global Saab cars scene have certainly already heard of this famous hybrid  “Saab Sonett – Hayabusa powered“. This is Completely custom 1973 Saab Sonett converted to rear wheel drive and powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa engine with a 6 speed manual transmission.

This interesting build was finished about 7 years ago by Darryl Carl, former owner of New Salem Saab. Its current owner is Blake Carrell (from Schenectady, NY), and he’s ready to sell this interesting car.  According to him, The car was built by Albany Speed Shop which has since closed.

Saab Sonett interior

Also known as “SonaBusa”, car is Fully caged and ready for track days, autocross, or just tearing up mountain roads. Tens and tens of thousands spent building this thing. As the owner says, Built by a professional shop, Not a driveway hack job. 180 hp and 1400 lbs is a pretty decent power-to-weight ratio.

The rear-end is from a 1980 Toyota Corolla. It has wilwood disc brakes all around, and Coilover suspension up front – Four link with springs and shocks in the back. The car looks really good, Zero rust car in beautiful shape. Currently running and driving.

Blake’s Saab Sonett Hayabusa is looking for a new owner, for $13,250. If you are willing to pay this price, please contact Blake via e-mail or call (256) 361-7561.

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