Black Saab Rules!

Jerry Seinfeld is one of those people that basically needs no introduction – famous stand up comedian na TV star.

If you’ve never seen Seinfeld then you might want to consult a physician :) since there’s obviously something wrong with your eyes. In that TV show, Seinfeld drove a Saab 900S Convertible.

From episode “The Puerto Rican Day“:

Seinfeld: “Saab Helps me Find My Character”

“Even Seinfeld used the Saab in this way. He is a Porsche man (has 40 of them, in his own garage, with mechanics), but in his television series he wanted to use a Saab, since he found they better defined his character, and took him in the right direction, where a Porsche would have alienated audiences and said the wrong things about him.”

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