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Bizarre car ad for Saab 9-3 goes viral

Saab Funny adSaab Funny ad

Bizarre (or funny) car ad for old Saab 9-3 goes viral after seller says it’ll have your kids ‘denying you’re their father. The owner also says the car looks like it has been ‘washed with a brick.

Dave Goodwin posted the advert for his Saab 9-3 saloon with an asking price of £695 on Facebook last weekend. Here’s what he says this angry Saab seller:

FOR SALE, this absolute parcel of shit…. 55 plate Saab 93 diesel…. basically a vectra in a Swedish wig…. has a long MOT, most likely was a bent one, it’s done similar mileage to your bird at 133k miles n it’s got a big towbar on the back so you can pull the fat bitch out of bed in the mornin when she won’t make you a brew the selfish cow…. engine and gearbox are good, runs like a smackhead with a stolen sky box n a block of cheese under his arm, and it’s still showing taxed so you won’t get pulled when your out n about selling Sputnik to kids wearin manbags….. all the lights work as you can see, and it looks like the previous owner washed it EVERYDAY…. with a fucking brick!! No timewasters, serious buyers only. Ideal cheap family car at £695 if you can handle your wife leaving you for a crackhead on a mountain bike n your kids denying you as their father when you drop em off at school in the pile of shit…… part exchange welcome.

saab ad
saab ad

:) He included an image of the Saab in the ad, which has been liked 31,000 times and received more than 36,000 shares. Funny ad…

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