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Behind the Wheel of the Saab Phoenix

Saab Phoenix steering wheelSaab Phoenix steering wheel

Saab PhoeniX was a concept car developed by Saab and unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. beautiful concept was designed by Jason Castriota as one of his first creations for Saab. Saab Phoenix takes its inspiration from “Ursaab” as a play on the “rising of the Phoenix”.

As you know, unfortunately, the birth of a Phoenix from the ashes failed. Yet, behind this concept remained pretty Saab story and exceptional design.

SAAB PhoeniX Concept
SAAB PhoeniX Concept by Jason Castriota

Phoenix concept was inspired by Saab’s aviation roots and features a liquid-like skin and a teardrop cabin that resembles a dark ice block and appears to erupt from the center of the muscular bodywork.

Saab Phoenix concept interior
Saab Phoenix concept interior

Saab Phoenix Interior

Behind the wheel of the Saab Phoenix

However, this time turned our attention to the interior of the great concept. Phoenix concept features a 2+2 cabin with shell-like seats and metalized interior sections that mimic the exposed network of a rollover cage. Saab has opted for a driver-focused instrument layout with a circular pod in front of the driver, shaped like the afterburner of a jet engine that presents data in tandem with the head-up display.

Saab Phoenix central console

Also, the Phoenix concept was the first vehicle to feature Saab’s  IQon car communications platform (read more about The successor to Saab’s IQon system) that uses Google’s Android operating system.

Saab Phoenix gearbox

Phoenix concept is equipped with a beautiful Steering wheel, which is similar to aircraft controls. Also, the entire instrument panel is focused on the driver, because this is a real driver’s car – as, indeed, any other Saab model.  Enjoy this rare photographs of the Saab Phoenix interior.

Saab Phoenix Ergonomic seats
Saab Phoenix Ergonomic seats
Saab Phoenix - view from the passenger side
Saab Phoenix – view from the passenger side
Saab Phoenix steering wheel
Saab Phoenix steering wheel

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