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Beautiful Saab 96 GL – Ready For The Rally

The Saab 96 was in production from 1960 to 1980, and then the Saab 99 became a successor. This was the model that made Saab internationally famous, partly because of the innovations in the field of safety and the successes in motor sports.

The first 96 had a 750cc three-cylinder engine that delivered 38hp. From 1963 the cylinder capacity was increased to 841cc, resulting in  in increased power to 40hp.

Saab 96 Rally interior

today we present you a beautiful classic Saab 96 GL which is on sale in the Netherlands. This Saab 96 GL from 1979 is offered in the Netherlands by Classic Park.

Saab 96

The counter shows a mileage of 90.675km, and underneath the hood is a 1.700cc 68hp engine. It is a very beautiful, and also very affordable entrance for driving rally’s, from short ad we can see that the car was allegedly completely ready for competition. The seller asks  € 11,900 for this cool rally Swede.

stickers previous rally at which the car is involved
stickers previous rally at which the car is involved

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