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Beautiful Christmas SAAB Video Greeting Card!

Full CGI Christmas short, SAAB 900 | Jespersather

Merry Christmas to our fellow SAABaholics spread all over the world with one beautiful video greeting card! This beautiful video is the creation of Swedish 3-D artist Jesper Säther, who is also the technical director of the Gothenburg studio Brickland in Sweden, Gothenburg. He Started his journey in Graphic design but was shortly “seduced by the magical and technical world of CGI and VFX”.

This is his personal project that he has wanted me to do for some time. He succeeded in that this year, a few days before Christmas. As you can see in this cute short video, He was Born and raised in the hometown of SAAB it’s been a big part of his life. hor video called “The last sigh of Christmas” is a homage to Saab, Christmas and the traditions we keep:

He has always been a big fan of SAAB, probably because he grew up in its hometown. Where else to put it other than in a suitable nordic landscape. Some of the viewers tried to determine the location where the film “takes place”, based on the configuration of the terrain and the license plate of Saab 900, but It’s animated so it’s technically “nowhere”, but phenomenally well done.

And now here are some technical details regarding the creation of this very demanding rendering. The video was created in Cinema4D and rendered in Octane. The render times were about 30 seconds per frame, on 2x GeForce RTX 3090 Graphics Cards. Jesper rendered with quite low settings for this project because he did not have a lot of time to finish it.

Denoising in post has been a huge help the scenes were not too heavy either, like 6-7gb of vRAM. If you are wondering how the level of detail of the snow on the trees was achieved, Jesper adds the following: “I have 2 approaches depending on what level of detail i want. The more detailed one is to simulate snowfall with x-particles and then mesh it. And the less detailed for background shots are just a noise texture.”

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