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Beautiful Animated SAAB Commercials by Jeanne-Philippe Delhomme

Saab 900 NG by Jean-Philippe DelhommeSaab 900 NG by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

1995 SAAB company has hired well-known illustrators to get customers (target: college graduates) attention with interesting advertising campaign. Saab Cars USA has used animation for Saab 900 NG ads that debuted during April 1995. Saab USA had hoped the unconventional approach will appeal to the independent streak in car buyers, and “Find your own road” was the theme of Saab.

Saab 900 NG by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

In that time, Saab’s 900 series cars start at $23,500 and its 9000 series starts at $29,500 ranging to a top starting price of $42,000 on the Aero model. Saab marketers, exploring the possibility of developing a new brand campaign, found its customers shared some characteristics.  “They are highly independent, they wanted to do things their own way and tended not to care about social convention or the status value of a car,” said at the time  David Krysiek, director of marketing for Saab Cars USA.

See below 7 beautiful art SAB advertisement:

Saab 900 NG by Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Saab and its ad agency “Angotti, Thomas, Hedge Inc.” decided to develop advertising that showed how a Saab can satisfy a driver’s uninhibited feelingsSaab 900 NG was the best vehicle for communicating feelings and emotions and tapping the mindset of our prospects,” he said.

The artist Jeanne-Philippe Delhomme was hired. He has created illustrations for magazines like Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan, his work has been on film posters and his clients include Chanel and the Swedish airline SAS. Jeanne-Philippe has created several art animated commercials for Saab:

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