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Awesome Hobby car: Saab 9-3 Turbo X SC Hirsch Performance/Vermont Tuning 400hp/600nm

In days gone by, men would stay in their garages for hours at a time tinkering with their cars. As cars have become more sophisticated and reliant on computers, home mechanical work is going the way of the dodo bird. However, if you have an itch to become a grease monkey, you can always take up (Saab) car tuning as a hobby.

If you are interested in this hobby, here’s a fantastic car project – Saab 9-3 Turbo X SC Hirsch Performance/Vermont Tuning 400hp/600nm, and what an interesting – car is for sale now. The “ordinary” Saab Turbo X car is by itself remarkable, but in this car is invested an extra effort to be even better, better, faster, stronger. However, the owner of this Turbo Xfrom Estonia decided to sell this car and make some new Saab lovers happy.

Turbo X

Here’s what the owner says about this extraordinary car project – “With a heavy heart, I’m putting my beloved hobby car on sale, which has served me loyally for the last six years. The car is in an ideal technical condition, regularly maintained and tuned with the best possible parts available.

He has used Hirsch Performance products when tuning car interior and the appearance. When He bought the car, it had on previously installed Hirsch Performance 300hp kit, which owner upgraded in 2017/2018 with a new turbo tuning by Vermont Tuning LLC by using flow matched 700cc Bosch incjectors and special tune software). Thanks to Vermont Tuning LLC and Brian Blair the car now has about 400hp and 600nm, which can be verified by dyno graphs and video.

Saab Turbo X interior

He wouldn’t like to list out all the modifications made, since then this post would be too long. But if you’re really interested in buying this car, then let he know, and he’ will share more information with potential buyer. The price of this car is €12,000, and is located in Tallinn, Estonia.  Seller is Jaanus Rumberg, and and you can contact him by phone 5201449 or email, or FB.