Australian 9-5 Hirsch!

Big thanks for Mike Linney from Perth for what we sent to us. Here is his great story about two Saab 9-5 Aeros:

“My name’s Mike, and reading your article about the brilliant 900 Enduro built for Australia prompted me to send you a few pics of my Saab 9-5 Aero Hirsch-spec. The chaps at Ken Matthews Prestige also helped me, when it came to tracking down the car’s history.

Apparently, Saab Australia decided to give two newly imported 9-5 Aeros the full Hirsch 305bhp conversion, with the idea being that they would be show cars. Customers could then get an idea of the Hirsch tuning and styling options available. They were also lent to journalists at the launch of the new 9-3 at the GM testing grounds in Lang Lang. There was one black one (mine) and one silver. The silver one is still in Sydney, I believe.

Anyway, they are the only two in Australia, which sadly never received any ‘official’ Hirsch Troll Rs. Mine has 231.000 kms on it, and I was lucky to get it at a reasonable price and with not too many issues, after the last owner didn’t really know what he had and serviced it with semi-synthetic oil via his local grease monkey.

I’ve included the original sales blurb from Hirsch PDF too.