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Artistic project: Saabs into Bicycles

Saabs into Bikes

When you get bored in winter you can take your Saab to make you a bike if you can’t pull it together again. An alternative to skroten, very environmentally friendly besides……… many crazy ideas. Just fine Saab – uff – This is a comment from a Saab car lover.

Similarly, many other Saab fans think it’s too bad to sacrifice one Saab for one bike. But…

Saab 900

German artists Folke Koebberling and Martin Kaltwasser transformed in 2010 with the help of students of the ACCD a Saab 900 turbo on a car park in Santa Monica, Bergamont Station to two fully functional bicycles. Art project “Cars into Bicycles” took place from march to may 2010 in Santa Monica, California. During their one year in Los Angeles they did not have a car.  This resulted in this anti-consumer SAAB project.


The couple Folke Köbberling and Martin Kaltwasser have been elaborating their idea of an artistic and architectonical aesthetics of resistance against this take-over since 1998. They confront consumerist ideologies with alternatives: structural intervention, artistic statements, actions and theories.

All the items of the bicylces were 100 % car items. They would say – recycling


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