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Anthony Guerra’s SAAB Jet

Saab 900S

This Saab classic is known to the wider Saab community because it was once featured by the website The car belongs to the real Saab car lover Anthony Guerra, Founder of CARSHYPEđźš—@carsxhype, but he has now decided to sell his favorite 900S. This is 1989 Saab 900S (5 speed Manual) that means non-turbo with 135k on the odometer, and engine was torn down and refreshed 10k miles ago.

It Is with much back and forth and great difficulty that he has decided to finally list his 900S. It’s probably not worth much, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder so He wasn’t sure how to price it. As we said in the introduction, the car was featured StanceWorks featured car and Saab Owners Convention People’s choice winner, you may have seen the car in photos or in person.

Unfortunately, the car has seen much neglect since it’s glory days a few years ago and needs a new home. Mechanically, it runs, drives and starts up fine. The only issue, as it were, is that the gas gauge doesn’t read properly after the shop replaced the fuel pump a couple years ago. Anthony literally only drive the car maybe twice a month, since it’s his 3rd car, in fact it sits outside in the elements which is really what’s causing it’s deteriorating condition.

900s Saab

Photos make it looks better than it does in person, there is new areas of surface rust that have popped up the place plastidip has faded on the SPG panels and the grill was lost on the highway. He would hate to see it parted out, He’d love to see it really taken care of and brought to the next level. But even at around the price He has it at you could make that back parting it out. He has never seen another set of 3 piece Speedline Mistrals in 4×108, also a pre-86 SPG front face is rare.

As Anthony claims, he’ll try and get some more details photos of the flaws or take a video for people who are serious and message him their number. That way he can send a video. Overall, there’s a lot more details about the car and it’s modification, So, if you’re serious please feel free to reach out. Additionally if you’re on instagram, more photos of the car can be found #timnoturbo