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Another Saab gave life to save owner

saab crash

From Day to day, on the road worldwide, Saab cars save lives and prove that they are the safest cars in the world…Many folks ask you why you are so devoted to a “now-dead” car brand…

Saab gave life

The most recent case occurred yesterday, and The owner of Saab 9-3 has publised picture on Instagram with the following words:

RIP Saab 9.3. You gave yourself entirely to save Steven and you were a much beloved car…. You were so much more to us than just a car and thanks to you, Steven is ok. While no other Saab will be the same… This one can easily be replaced but a human life can not. This gorgeous car went out not due to any mechanical failure but she protected the life of my other half and I will always be thankful for her solid, Swedish engineering and her multitude of airbags. wear a seatbelt!

Saab 9-3 Crashed

Source: instagram

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