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An Saab driver accused of trying to squeeze between two cars on a Roadway

Saab driver impatient and intolerant drivingSaab driver impatient and intolerant driving

An 55-year-old Saab driver accused of trying to squeeze between two cars which were side-by-side on a dual Roadway has admitted “dangerous driving”.

Video footage emerged of engineer Steven Ryde-Weller aggressively tailgating a car on the A55 at Colwyn Bay, North Wales. At one point he appeared to try to move between the two cars, one in the inside lane and the other in the overtaking lane.

The truth is that it is the driver of the Golf blocked him, but the judge has a different opinion. When you look closely – Looks like the VW in the outside lane then put hi foot down when the Saab tried to pass on the inside, so my guess is that these two were having a spat and winding each other up.

Of course there are other opinions – the fault of the grey VW Golf, you get drivers like this who sit off in the right hand lane bang on the limit deliberately frustrating the drivers behind them.

District judge  told him at Llandudno court: ”This is a case of impatient and intolerant driving on a busy road at Old Colwyn. You were travelling within a matter of a metre or so of the vehicle in front, clearly harassing the other vehicle.That vehicle was travelling within the speed limit and when it was trying to go to the left lane you undertook as you were going out of the 50mph(limit).

Strange that the judge without any measurements and tests determined the speed of both vehicles. However, Saab’s driver has been sentenced and and was ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work and banned for a year with an extended test ordered.

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  • The Saab driver is an utter loon in this case, looks like the golf is at the limit and slowly overtaking and has no where to go. Saab driver got off lightly for this display of awful driving.

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