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Amphibian Saab 96

Saab 96 Amphibian

The concept of the Red Bull Rapids is relatively simple. A team of friends build a boat to enter.

Prizes are then awarded for creativity and the overall theme of the team.

After your themed introduction to the judges, you jump on your craft (some seaworthy, others held together with goodwill it seems) and get to the bottom of the course.

Saab Amphibia

Ane such interesting vessel appeared at the 2012 competition, in Slovakia. That year,  Puppy Hunters Saab Club decided to attend with a “Saab car”. Not with “just a regular Saab” but with the famous “På Taket” (“Carlsson on the roof”) reminding on Erik Carlsson and his legendary Saab 96 being several times on the roof.

His Saab, which was overturned on the roof, was an inspiration for this team.

And indeed, this concept fun ship really did sail.

From the blog Saabism is a bit of an overview:

So we decided to make a custom red Erik Carlsson Saab 96 model, which can swim on the roof and compete on the event. A 1:1 scale would be too much, but the model is pretty large, it still has to carry four mariners. The size of the vessel is reduced a bit (length x width x height) : 2,7m x 1,4m x 1m vs. original 4m x 1,57m x 1,47m.

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