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Amazing Stanced Saab 9-3 from Latvia

Saab 9-3 OG Stanced

Stancedand lowered cars are pretty common on the roads these days. Some people don’t quite understand the attraction, but for those who do, getting lower can become quite the obsession.

You probably did not know, but Latvian stance scene is very strong. A large number of Latvian fans of Stanced cars gathers around the site One of the members of the community is Yuri, and this is his Saab 9-3 OG. Before this Saab he was the owner of the BMW M3, but a month later, he “killed” M3 engine.

Stanced Saab 9-3 OG

The Saab is really excellent, but additionally improve the car gave a master of photography Vadim Yuryevs Kunc from Riga, Latvia. He made a stunning photos of this Saab 9-3 for «TRUE FITMENT» car blog-magazine that illuminates the car sub-culture in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Stanced Saab 9-3

We have singled out here for a couple of photos, all other photos you can see in this blog-post.

Stanced Saab 9-3


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