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Amazing Saab Aero X 1/18 scale model

Aero X resin model

This Saab Aero X concept car from DNA Collectibles in 1:18 scale, show us how these models can turn such rich in details and attractive just using some accessories and place them in realistic ways.

After their first Saab scaled model, DNA Collectibles created a new one – Saab Aero-X model, all Saabists will be glad with this absolute exclusive 1/18 scale supercar model.

One year ago, DNA Collectibles were just dreaming about making their own scale models, and today they turned this dream into reality- If you haven’t already purchased your amazing Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible 1/18, that’s in stock now.

Just look at this level of detail on the Viggen model:

Saab Viggen Scale model

This is their new model in the announcement (Pre-order):

This model looks very detailed and realistic, ultra delicate cast. 1/18 it is unpopular scale, but detail is perfectly visible. The bare resin bodies are highly detailed, and their shapes and proportions are extremely accurate. Beautiful little kits for those of them in the hobby. The problem is that many 1/43, 1/25 and 1/18 scale vehicles are expensive. This scale model in pre/order has a €155 price tag on it.

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