Alty’s Of Preston: A Farewell to Saab Servicing Excellence

Malcolm Alty and His Saab Legacy: A Fond Farewell to Alty's of PrestonMalcolm Alty and His Saab Legacy: A Fond Farewell to Alty's of Preston

A Beloved Saab Haven Closes Its Doors

In the world of Saab enthusiasts, Alty’s of Preston was more than just a car servicing and repairs center—it was a haven for those who held a special place in their hearts for these iconic Swedish vehicles. With over 30 years of experience, specializing in Saab, Volvo, and Vauxhall automobiles, Alty’s of Preston was a name synonymous with meticulous care and unwavering dedication.

A Sad Farewell to a Local Legend

Recently, the local Saab community received some somber news. After an impressive 41 years in business, Alty’s of Preston, formerly known as Springfield Motor, announced its closure. The reason? Retirement. As the automotive world bids farewell to this beloved establishment, local Saab enthusiasts are left with a sense of nostalgia and gratitude for the years of exceptional service and expertise that Alty’s of Preston provided.

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Malcolm Alty: The Man Behind the Magic

Malcolm Alty, the man behind the magic, started his journey into the world of Saab automobiles four decades ago as a technician for Saab. His dedication and passion led him to acquire numerous certificates from Saab, including those for engine and gearbox courses. Over the years, Malcolm’s expertise expanded to cover a wide range of Saab models, from the classic V4 to the latest iterations. Saab and Volvo were more than just cars to the Alty family—they were a way of life.

Malcolm's Pride: The Iconic Saab 9-5, A Testament to His Craftsmanship
Malcolm’s Pride: The Iconic Saab 9-5, A Testament to His Craftsmanship

A Journey from Springfield Street to Great George Street

Alty’s of Preston opened its doors in the summer of 1983, and from that moment on, it became a fixture in the local Saab community. The need for more space and a desire to offer an even broader range of services prompted a move from their original location on Springfield Street to their final home on Great George Street. Even a devastating fire that ravaged their garage a few years ago couldn’t extinguish their spirit. They rebuilt and were back in business, serving local Saab enthusiasts for another two years.

Versatility and a Love for Mending

What set Alty’s of Preston apart was not just their experience but their ability to tackle a diverse range of vehicles and machinery. From dumper trucks to generators, speedboats to lawnmowers, Alty’s welcomed every challenge. Malcolm Alty himself expressed his love for mending and the satisfaction that came from fixing things, especially those vehicles that had been to multiple garages before finding their way to Alty’s.

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Alty's of Preston: A Hub of Saab Enthusiasts, Where Saabs Await Their Turn for Expert Care
Alty’s of Preston: A Hub of Saab Enthusiasts, Where Saabs Await Their Turn for Expert Care

Specialization in Saab Vehicles: The Heart of Their Expertise

However, what truly made Alty’s of Preston shine was their specialization in Saab vehicles. They had an unparalleled knowledge of Saabs, having worked on countless models over the years. While other garages might shy away from complex Saab clutches, Alty’s embraced them. They had the right tools and, more importantly, the expertise to handle even the trickiest of jobs.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and a Commitment to Quality

Their commitment to quality extended to the use of state-of-the-art equipment, including the Tech 2 diagnostic scanner tool for Saab and Vauxhall vehicles. This machine was essential for resetting service lights on dashboards, ensuring that when new parts were installed, the vehicle recognized the change, providing an added layer of security against theft.

A Legacy in Local Saab Lore

As we reflect on the closure of Alty’s of Preston, we must acknowledge the impact this small, specialized Saab service center had on the local Saab community. It wasn’t just a place to get your car serviced; it was a sanctuary for Saab enthusiasts who knew that their beloved vehicles were in the hands of experts who cared deeply for them.

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A Fond Farewell to Malcolm Alty

The retirement of Malcolm Alty marks the end of an era in the local Saab world. We bid farewell to a true Saab servicing legend and thank him for his decades of dedication and craftsmanship. Malcolm’s passion for mending and his ability to tackle the most technical challenges will be sorely missed. We hope that his well-deserved retirement brings him happiness and fulfillment in the years ahead.

An End, But Not Forgotten

As we say goodbye to Alty’s of Preston, we remember the legacy of excellence they leave behind and the countless local Saab enthusiasts they served with unwavering dedication. The road ahead may be uncertain, but the memories of Alty’s of Preston will forever be etched in the hearts of local Saab enthusiasts, reminding us of the exceptional care and expertise that defined this iconic establishment.

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