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Air Suspension on Saab 9-3?!

Saab 9-3 Silvrsurfer

In the past we’ve thought of air suspension as a modification reserved for trucks, low riders, and show cars. But what about Saab cars?

Is it possible to have the look you want at a show, the handling you want at the limit, and the practicality of clearing speed bumps and driveways?

Tim Compton from US installed on his Saab 9-3 air suspension  and looks very cool. As he says, this pleasure cost him between 3 and $ 4,000. It’s all different pieces that he pieces together since they don’t make a kit for Saab 9-3, and All is Airlift performance.

Here’s the Saab going from raised to slammed, 1/4″ line so it’s a little slower, but makes adjustability between settings on the fly a lot easier:

How do you like this modification?