Abandoned Car Dealership with Saabs and Japanese cars near Zurich

At the Beginning of the year, some Reddit user posted interesting photo-story about Abandoned Car Dealership with Saabs and Japanese cars in Switzerland.

So I found a parking lot full of old abandoned cars today,” he said. “There were a bunch of old Mazdas, Hondas and a few Saabs. There were some Mazdas from the 1980’s inside the dealership as well, which appeared to be brand-new. From what I understand the building has been abandoned since around 2001. The dealership is located in Switzerland.”

Very little is known about this ghostly Car Dealership, and the photos don’t paint the best possible picture, so we don’t know for sure if any of the cars are actually new. Probably not, it’s about used cars. Among them there are several older Saabs.

saab dealership

But, some time later, the same Reddit user discovered additional information:

The original owner of the dealership and the premises went bankrupt. The whole property was then bought up by some obscure real estate agency in the year 2000. The odd thing is, that for nearly 10 years now, nobody has been able to contact the current owners – they appear to have somehow vanished. Not even the administration of the town where the dealership is located has been able to get in touch with that agency. So that’s why all of the cars are (sadly) rotting away.

Location of this Dealership in Zurich:

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