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A Unique Opportunity to Get Saab 9-5 Aero Stage 3+

Saab 9-5 Aero stage 3+

This weekend, a very interesting ad for the sale of a special car appeared on one of the many Saab fan groups. It is a high-tuned Saab 9-5 Aero model which, according to the owner-seller, surpassed the tuning Stage 3. Unfortunately for many Saab car lovers around the world, this car is located in Leicester, United Kingdom, so it will be the most interesting to buyers in the UK.

The seller of this tuned Saab is a big fan of Saab cars kristian.hibbard and you can contact him directly with the purchase offers, which of course must initially be higher than 1000 pounds. He sells 9-5 Aero stage 3+ with many extras. This was tuned by Karl Viner (NOOBTUNE) and is very quick indeed, he has owned 7 of these, manuals and auto’s and this is quicker by far than all others.

9-5-Aero Engine tuned by NoobTune
9-5-Aero Engine tuned by NoobTune

He don’t know how it happened but its got the most amazing dump sound even when driven soft and have never been able to recreate this on other ones, it just worked out extremely well. This is not on the road but no reason it shouldn’t be as He just chose to store it up, started regular, battery optimised etc.

Everything works as it should, Bodywork excellent for year just a bit of bubble in the usual low OS wheel arch (minor). When driven it has that much response it torque steers so you have to hang on. This is the perfect car for an enthusiast as it needs such little work to be back to its former glory. Based in Leicester. Its been parked up for about 3 years and the MOT just ran out. Below are the details of the offer offered by the seller and what the buyer can expect if he decides to buy.

Saab 9-5 Aero Stage 3+

There is nothing wrong with it I just parked it up as I said. Please take a look at the pictures of when I got it out and cleaned it up early in the year. The autobox is faultless and grabby as I had the TCM mapped too so it is almost direct drive when in manual and when going down the gears it pops and bangs under engine braking.

6 power modes in the SID unit and gearbox for different responses etc. Best offer will take it and I WILL NOT sell it to a breaker as this could be a real keeper for decades to come if stored correctly.

Very Good two-tone interior of high-tuned Saab
Very Good two-tone interior of high-tuned Saab

103,000 miles with a lot of history but shows 113,000 miles because I changed clocks to add paddle shift.
Please put offers in for my consideration, will need to be trailered away but not because its broken but because its not on the road.

Features and upgrades

  • Elec Sunroof
  • Spoiler
  • Shark tooth professionally painted bumber
  • Front mount intercooler with Chrome pipes
  • Boost gauge (illuminated) 26psi of boost
  • 2 tone mint leather interior
  • Tuned to Stage 3+ (This is rapid) if you can get grip
  • 3” turbo back system inc sport Cat (Pops,bangs quite loud)
  • Dump sound is loud and amazing
  • Sat Nav
  • Working air con
  • Poly bushed sub frame
  • Coilovers lowered
  • Later mirrors
  • Auto Paddle shift
  • Dark Alloys
  • Massive OPle Insignia VXR Brakes upgrade
  • No smoke from engine or Turbo
  • Not the most economical LOL

Car Still looks amazing today. I also have nearly every panel spare for this also in Black just incase I ever needed them. Any questions I will be happy to answer.

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