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A Tale of Contrasting Journeys: Saab vs. Tesla – A Cross-Country Race to Croatia

Saab vs. Tesla: A Cross-Country Race to Croatia Unveils Surprising Results and Unforgettable Adventures

It's great to hear that the team approached the cross-country race with a friendly spirit, despite the differences in their vehicles. (photo by Jan Markovič,'s great to hear that the team approached the cross-country race with a friendly spirit, despite the differences in their vehicles. (photo by Jan Markovič,

In a world where electric mobility is often hailed as the future, reality paints a different picture. While the majority of European motorists cannot afford a Tesla Model 3, priced at over a €40,000, they explore alternative options. This led the editorial team at the Czech automobile magazine to embark on an intriguing adventure: a cross-country race to Croatia.

The lineup for this epic journey included a range of vehicles, but none as disparate as a 17-year-old Saab 9-5 SportCombi, valued at a mere €3,000, and a premium electric Tesla worth more than €40,000. Let’s delve into the contrasting experiences and revelations of this remarkable road trip.

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“The Motley Crew”

The journey commenced with an eclectic mix of vehicles: the author and Michal Borský in the Saab, Honza Staněk (known as Electro Dad) in the Tesla Model 3, Pepa and his family with their diesel-powered Hyundai Santa Fe, and Martin Müller in a gasoline-fueled Dacia Jogger. Additionally, a support vehicle accompanied the team. The anticipated 850-kilometer, 10-hour trip from Brno to Primošten promised excitement and challenges that lay ahead.

The Mighty Saab

To the surprise of many, the Saab 9-5 proved to be a reliable and steadfast companion. It effortlessly cruised along, showing no signs of distress. No warning lights illuminated the dashboard, and the author couldn’t help but draw parallels to the experiences of Electro Dad and other electric vehicle owners.

The misconception that undertaking such a long journey in a battery-powered car would be arduous quickly dissipated. With navigation systems guiding the way and charging stations strategically placed, the process was smooth and hassle-free.

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Tesla’s Electric Prowess

On the other hand, Honza Staněk’s solo venture in the Tesla Model 3 demonstrated the incredible capabilities of electric vehicles. With remarkable endurance, he made remarkable time and reached the destination ahead of the pack.

This feat deserves praise, showcasing the potential of electric cars in long-distance travel. Meanwhile, Pepa and his family grappled with the constant demands of parenthood and pet care, while Martin Müller, with his characteristic smile, observed the journey from a distance, waiting for the opportune moment to contribute.

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The Verdict: Cost and Efficiency

Ultimately, the key question was whether the journey with an electric vehicle was more cost-effective than its combustion-engine counterparts. In the upcoming premiere of Autosalon, the Czech automobile magazine’s television show, the final rankings and cost analysis will be unveiled.

The team set out to determine which vehicle reached the destination with the lowest expenses, accounting for fuel, charging, and maintenance costs. This critical evaluation aims to shed light on the financial aspects of electric versus traditional vehicles.


The cross-country race to Croatia embarked upon by the Czech automobile magazine’s team showcased the stark differences between a budget-friendly, 17-year-old Saab and a state-of-the-art, premium electric Tesla. Contrary to expectations, the Saab 9-5 SportCombi proved its mettle, delivering a reliable and enjoyable experience. The journey emphasized that electric vehicles, represented by the Tesla Model 3, possess the power to challenge preconceived notions and deliver impressive performance.

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As the Autosalon television show premieres, it will provide a comprehensive account of the team’s experiences and reveal the winner of the race to Croatia. The cost analysis presented in the show will offer valuable insights into the economic aspects of electric and combustion-engine vehicles. Whether the story encourages readers to consider investing in electric cars or highlights the endurance of trusted, modern cars with internal combustion engines.

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