A solution for a worn Auto Trans Shifter Cover Jalousie

Saab 9-5 Auto Trans Shifter Cover Jalousie

Auto Trans Shifter Cover Jalousie is Sliding Plastic Cover/Blind that surrounds the Gear Selector/Shift for Automatic models (Genuine SAAB 4777173).  Saab refers to this as a “Jalousie.” After a certain time of use, most of blinds are mournful.

Genuine Saab  Auto Trans Shifter Cover Jalousie is not expensive and can be purchased for 20 dollars, but there is also a free solutionThe solution is based on the use of 3D printersand the author of the solution is Quinn Morley, Engineering student with hobbies that include Saab cars, Rally driving, Mountain biking and 3d Design.

Saab Auto-Trans Shifter Cover Jalousie

he created a solution in two parts with puzzle joint. Fusion 360 archive is provided so you can modify as required to fit your needs. The STL files are configured to fit a Saab 9-5 with Automatic Transmission. The Test STL is included in the event you want to fix the car the proper way, including soldering the sport button. The other two STLs can be printed and assembled on the car to save you time and trouble, as well as provide improved functionality over cutting the rubber replacement jalouse that are available online.

After creating and testing, he made an additional modification of the solution – Modified puzzle joint on passenger side to make it stronger. Video was made before the improvement was made, and the joint did hold up to the testing but the glue was required.

Of course, Derivatives and commercial use are encouraged.