SAAB Concepts

A SAAB hatchback Coupe by Michael DiTullo

Saab Coupe Sketch

For over 20 years Michael DiTullo has designed iconic, industry leading products and experiences in almost every industry including footwear, consumer electronics, IOT smart devices, medical instruments, robotics, and toys.

He has worked on industry leading projects for Nike, Intel, Google, Honda, Polk Audio, Converse, Timex, Icon 4×4, Chantal, Acel Robotics, Harman Kardon, Denon, Burton Snowboards and Air Jordan. On April 14 2017 Michael launches his own boutique design studio focusing on a select group of likeminded brands who want to disrupt their categories.

In his New video, he did an overlay for design student Gerry Mayer – A SAAB hatchback coupe. If you are interested in industrial design and design, look at the following interesting tutorial about sketching the “new” Saab 900 model:

And that’s not all, take a look at his another interesting Saab model, a quick sketch with morning coffee:

Saab 900 Sketch