A Saab 900 Turbo That Has Covered Only 18,000 Miles in 35 Years

Incredible Saab 900 Turbo (photo by Simon Hamelius)

The latest issue of one of the few print media dedicated to Saab cars, “Saab Cars Magazine”, tells the story of the incredible Saab 900 Turbo with extremely low mileage. In fact, this magazine is a special issue of the magazine “Klassiker” dedicated to classic cars, but this issue is intended only for Saab enthusiasts. But, let’s go back to the great Saab 900 Turbo, which with such a small mileage has attracted a lot of attention from fans of classic cars.

According to the reaction of this magazine, the car is in very good condition, like new. The popularity of this car is not declining even today, although it is far from being the first car with a turbo, the Saab 900 introduced the word Turbo in the mainstream.

Several extreme low mileage have been sold at various car auctions recently. One of the cars that broke the price record is a completely unique Saab 900 Turbo 16 Aero that has not even rolled 30,000 miles. In the latest issue of Saab Cars Magazine, Claes Johansson gets a test drive in the car, which in principle feels completely brand new. Together with the photographer Simon Hamelius‘ photos, he describes how the car feels. – “It was like stepping straight into Saab’s wonderful brochure world in 1987. I was in a brochure“, he says. As you can see, the editor’s impression is that “it’s like he got into an ad”.

Saab Cars Magazine #1.2022
Saab Cars Magazine #1.2022

The editorial board also conveys the impressions of car owners in this article. It was 35 years ago that Anders Ledéus picked up the car new at Lennart Rönn Bil AB in Tyresö. – “It cost a lot and I was a little too stingy to buy for air conditioning and leather upholstery“, he says. The report also describes a fascinating model that was preceded by the 1979 Super Turbo concept car. They also offer pictures from a sales brochure from the time when the car was brand new.

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