A Record Number of Classic Saab Cars Will Be Auctioned Soon

Classic Saab Cars from Kisa Car Museum

The Swedish auction site has a growing supply of classic Saab cars, which is normal given the older age of these cars, but it is unusual that their auction prices are reaching ever-higher heights. However, this happens from time to time, when a really interesting Saab car appears, which is special in something and of course in price.

For all fans of classic Saab cars, a very interesting auction will soon follow, at which a record number of classic Saab cars will be announced for sale, so this is an ideal opportunity for customers around the world to reach their favorite classic Saab model.

As Many As 40 Classic Saab Cars for Sale

About 40 classic Saab cars will be offered at auction sale on June 2 when Kisa car museum sells a large part of its collection. It will be the largest auction ever of cars from the beloved Swedish brand. Kisa Bilmuseum was created by Grahns Bilar AB, which started its operations in Kisa in 1962. The company is still in the middle of central Kisa with sales of new and used cars, as well as complete service and spare parts sales for Saab, Opel and Isuzu.

According to officials from the auction house “Bilweb Auctions“, they are proud to have been given the confidence to auction the Saab collection. It is the seventh large collection of cars that this auction house has had since they started business in 2017. “Kisa Car Museum” was created by Saab dealer Grahns in Kisa, who built up their collection over several decades. Grahns also sold Opel, which is why there are also about ten cars of the German brand at the auction. But now they have decided to separate from the majority of their cars. – “There is a great deal of interest in classic Saab cars, both in Sweden and in other countries. Such a large sale therefore attracts a lot of attention in enthusiast circles“, says Michael Luft – valuer at Bilweb Auctions.

The Big Saab Car Auction Just Before the Big Saab Festival in Trollhattan

In addition, the auction takes place just one week before the big Saab festival kicks off in Trollhättan on 10-12 June. Thousands of Saab enthusiasts gather for three days to celebrate the brand’s 75th anniversary. From the entire offer of 40 classic Saab cars, we single out a few truly special models that will most likely deserve the most attention at a future auction:

The cars were already posted on on Friday, May 20, and the bidding will begin tomorrow, May 25. The countdown and closing of the auction will take place on June 2nd. On May 29, those interested can see the cars on site in “Kisa Car Museum”. Time will be announced on their website in connection with each car. On May 25, they will also broadcast live with a focus on Saab.

And according to the officials from the auction house, this is an opportunity for other sellers of Saab classic cars to join – There is also room for more people who are interested in selling their classic Saab at this auction, concludes Michael Luft.

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