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A Police chase after a stolen Saab in the streets of Lille

Stolen Saab 9-3 2.0t Biopower

This interesting clip is just a snippet from the documentary “Lille cops” that airs on the french TF1 television station. Similar to other similar TV formats around the world, the journalist follows local police officers on a daily basis. The excerpt from the video is from a show that recently aired, and the clip shows a chase by French cops for the allegedly stolen Saab 9-3 2.0t Biopower.

Police chases on the streets are not uncommon on the streets of French cities because because general crime is in great expansion. The question arises as to the justification of such actions when the police are chasing narrow city streets at speeds over 100km/h. But it is also regulated by law, and when such police action is justified.

Don’t be confused when you watch the clip – as many as two Saab 9-3 cars appear in the clip, one Sportcombi (Wagon) in the start and then SportSedan. The police were chasing just this black SportSedan:

At the very beginning of the video clip, the police were informed that the general search for the stolen Saab 9-3, but in the video the cameraman had accidentally shot a Saab 9-3 Wagon – and that Saab Wagon was not the target of a police search.

Then, starts chasing through the streets of the city of Lille, Police car and TV team come across a suspect who was arrested by fellow police officers, and the stolen Saab was not far away. At a nearby intersection, a Saab thief crashed into another vehicle and as he was unable to drive further, he jumped out of the car and began to run.

It has been well noticed by viewers, who can even think of stealing Saab cars – they are small in value, difficult to sell, and are not interesting for spare parts. Most likely, the thief came across a Saab car with keys, so he just “used” the car.

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