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A Look at the SAAB Heritage Museum USA

SAAB Heritage Museum USA

Known Saab enthusiasts Tom Donney  formed a non profit corporation called SAAB HERITAGE MUSUEM USA (Fort Dodge, USA) for the purpose of Education and Preserving these cars as a group for future generations to enjoy. By the way, he has achieved several world speed records in Saab cars.

This is a collection (video bellow) of some of the pictures taken at December 2016 Cllasic 900 Club tour of the SAAB Heritage Museum USA. Tom is in his museum amassed a large number of Saab cars, there are as many as 100 cars, pictures, memorabilia and experience is first rate.

We would strongly suggest any and all SAAB enthusiast to put a trip to this museum on your bucket list (especially if you live in the US):

A story by Saab Club Classic 900.

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