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A little bit of Saab fun, to brighten this Corona situation


Saab brand fans are known to love socializing and gathering regularly at Saab clubs around the world. The new situation regarding the Corona virus has corrupted all plans for spring and, in part, summer gatherings and rallies, and in some clubs they have come to think of how to bring about this situation – Facebook Online SAAB Meet.

David Dallimore‎, from Great Western Saabs, made an invitation to all Saaba car fans to gather on social networks:

A little bit of fun, to brighten this Corona situation.

Like many here I have a SAAB, with no where to go.
So here is an invitation to all SAAB owners to our very first FOSM, or Facebook Online SAAB Meet, this Sunday 22nd March 2020. Like all GWS meets, friends and family are of course always welcome. Until further notice the Great Western Saab monthly pub meet will be cancelled until further notice due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

To enter simply post your name, one photo of your car AFTER 10am on Sunday – ‘gates’ open at 10am GMT, on the Great Western SAABs Facebook page.

No need to reserve a space! Bring your own food, or drink!

Guaranteed an infection free event :-)

I have turned off comments on GWS so we don’t get any early arrivals – look out for ‘gates open’ on Sunday to the first FOSM meet.

Happy SAABin’ everyone!

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