A Cup Holder Adapter for Saab 9-3 that is 3D printed

Saab cup holder upgrade

Saab vlogger Markus Olsson realesed released new DIY Saab  video in which he deals with the famous Saab cup holder.

He just released a new video showing a cup holder adapter that is 3D printed. Awesome accessory that you need when they make all the new cans smaller in diameter. It can easily be removed and inserted. You can even leave it in the cupholder and fold it in.

The new type of cans don’t fit very well in the SAAB cupholders. They are made for the old generation cans, but hey! There’s a solution and that’s an adapter that makes it possible to have it both ways.

It’s being made by XYZ accessories. They have a Facebook page were you can purchase these adapters. Check out Markus’ commentary below and instructions for mounting this handy detail:

Extra can holder

and that’s not all from this innovative team, they have designed another handy addition that will make the interior of your Saab car more comfortable. Extra can holder with snap-on bracket, for the new kind of cans! Designed with a nice turbine rim at the bottom, just look at that:


New product launched a week ago, added an extra cup holder with smartclip fastener. This one with a design from the NG9-5 turbine wheel and Will soon be available in thheir store.