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Saab 9000 Squadron

“Saab 9000 Squadron” from Taiwan!

We present to you "Saab 900 Squadron" from Taiwan! This, not a small group of Saab fans, representing almost 40s Saab 9000 owners from Taiwan. Members of this  Saab club regularly held gatherings, where...

Saab 9000 Squadron
SAAB Clubs

Target 100 SAAB 9000 Event

As we announced, a specialized Taiwanese club dedicated to Saab 9000 cars (Saab 9000 Squadron) held a big rally - for their purpose of gathering - to gather over 100...

SAAB Clubs

“100 of Saab 9000 party”

This weekend (12/8), Saab club from Taiwan called "Saab 9000 Squadron" are planing a "100 of Saab 9000 party" at Tainan Genuine Saab maintenance factory in Taiwan. At present, there are...

Saab 900 SPG
My Saab

My SAAB squadron

This morning we received an interesting Saab story from a Saab enthusiast Doug Stewart. He has amassed a sizable collection of Saab cars, and this is what he says about his...

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