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INTSAAB2020 – Saab International Meeting

Although preparations for this year's international Saab Meeting are ongoing, we have the opportunity to announce a big meeting that will be held next year INTSAAB2020. For anyone planning attending a...

Intsaab 2019
SAAB Events

IntSaab 2019 Pre-Tours

The Pre-Tours of IntSaab2019 are a week-long tour that will go through The Netherlands before joining IntSaab2019 in Weerselo, The Netherlands.The registration for the Northern Pre-Tour is now OPEN! The...

SAAB Events

2018 IntSaab Latvia Meeting

Every year in August SAAB lovers from all over Europe meet for like-minded people and old and new friends (again) apply and celebrate their favorite brand together. Host is every...

IntSaab 2016
SAAB Events

International Saab Meeting 2016 (IntSaab2016)

Although this year Saab Rally just ended, have already begun serious preparations for the meeting that will be held next year. International Saab Meeting 2016 (IntSaab2016)  will be held in Vadstena/Linköping...

SAAB Events

INTSAAB 2015 Adventure in Norway

The Norwegian Classic Saab Club (GsV) Trollstigen -senic route is delighted to invite you to INTSAAB 2015, which will take place in the Norwegian fjordscape between the 2nd and 7th of August 2015,...

SAAB Events

intSAAB 2014 Poland

2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting was held in Malbork, Poland from 08-10.08.2014. SAAB-GT Classic on intSAAB 2014 - Malbork, Poland  ...

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