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Erik Carlsson Memorial Service

Mr Saab / Erik Carlsson Memorial Service

Erik Carlsson Memorial Service - 20th June 2015 - Some highlights of the day celebrating the life of the man affectionately known as Mr Saab.  A Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving...

SAAB Events

Erik Carlsson is coming to the SOC14

85-year-old Saab rally legend Erik Carlsson is coming to the SOC14 (Redmond, Oregon, U.S.A.) in August! Now's your chance to hang out with one of the best-known Saab fanatics of all...

Saab 900 Carlsson
SAAB Tuning

The SAAB 900 Carlsson Bodykit replica

The famous Hungarian tuning house A-Zperformance SAAB Tuning works on a new interesting Saab project. Just to remind you, one of their more successful projects was the upgrade of the...


Saab 900 Carlsson

The Saab 900 Carlsson as with every Saab is designed from thr inside. The Carlsson was a special edition 900 made in honour of Erik Carlsson, of which only 600 examples...

SAAB Events

Classic Saab Cars at Varsopolis 2019

Varsopolis is The most important lifestyle event in Poland with a component of classic motoring. A unique event dedicated to the marriage of classical and modern motorization as well as...

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