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9th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting

9th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting

Since 2011 team have been organizing the Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting in region of Switzerland.

This winter meeting is simple and friendly, as its name suggests, on Saturday evening,  those who are present there will share a fondue neuchâteloise (cheese) at the Restaurant de la Vieille Fontaine, at the hilarious Mariette in valley of Côty in the jura neuchâtelois in Swiss.

As the first edition was a great success with more than 60 participants, organized a second one this year. In 2012 a hundred people came from all over Europe and over 80 shared the fondue in a good country and festive atmosphere. Since 2011, between fifty and ninety participants braved the snow and the cold to come from all over Europe.

You can already book on February 23 and 24, 2019, when they will organize a new edition of this traditional Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting.

Below, see the short program of this Saab event:

Saturday 23 February 2019 :
– from 11h. lunch-aperitif
– afternoon, small tour with road book
– From 18 h. Aperitif followed by the meal cheese fondue

Sunday 24 February 2019 :
– from 10 h. Brunch

Costs participation:
Saturday evening meal € 35.– (drinks included)
brunch € 25.–
night in dormitory € 25.–
night in family room € 30.– à 50.–
night in double room (hôtel) € 110.–
other hosting possibilities on demand

Here’s how it was at this gathering of previous years:

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