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7th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting [video report]

7th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting7th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting

A nice Saab hanging took place in late February – 7th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting Hosted by

Now, this is traditionally gathering of Saab fans organised by Dimitri and Fred in the Swiss Jura mountains. The meeting took place in Vallorbe, Switzerland.

report from this Saab event in local Newspaper
report from this Saab event in local Newspaper

Several dozen Saab enthusiasts, from local places and from all over the Europe, attended this year Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting. This Saab event lasted two days and was conducted in a nice gathering and exchange of experience between Saab enthusiasts.

At the event were taken numerous photos, but also video, so we can enjoy the video report from this interesting Saab meeting. Here’s the official movie, or a short summary, of the 7th Saab Swiss Fondue Meeting:

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