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700 Horsepower Nordic Extreme Tuned Saab 2.0T T7

2002 SAAB 9-3 Aero Nordic Extreme R

We’ve already written about Joel Arturson‘s monstrous Saab machine 2002 SAAB 9-3 Aero Nordic Extreme R,  only Trionic 7 SAAB in Sweden with “Piggyback” launch control. At the beginning of this year this super-car delivered 600 hp and Holds the record for highest hp output with Stock trionic 7 ECU and with stock 2.0 T5 bottem end.

Joel is 22 year old Saab fanatic and powerlifter from Sweden. Former competitive motocross rider, been riding since the age of 5. Musician, CNC-technician and geometrical meassurement engineerer. Now, Joel and the Robert Uhr‘sNordic Extreme tuning team have come up with a new record – 700hp!

Saab fire-breathing

In the latest video released by Robert, we can see Dynomapping of Joel Artursson’s Saab 9-3 2.0T.

In this Dyno-measurement the car has achieved unbelievable power: 700hp-750nm 2.1bar ( 634whp-685wnm ) with this setup:

  • Saab B205R with stock T5 pistons.
  • T7 headgasket.
  • 33mm valves.
  • Ported head.
  • Harder valvesprings.
  • 268°/9.65mm camchafts.
  • Custom hybrid Precision Turbo 6058 billet.
  • Walbro 450lph.
  • Bosch 1300cc injectors.
  • Trionic T7 system.

Here’s what Joel says about the new progress: “Everything is made to make it easier on the piston and rods! Ported like crazy, low backpressures and flows extremely well. Turbo is a little bit oversized also and got an 4″ downpipe behind it. This was just a test to push the limits since no one ever have reached the limits of these pistons and rods.

He also added: “My tuner took my car out for some testing after finishing the tune and filmed the speedo. 190kph on third gear LOL.
Turbo doens’t come online fully until the car hits 120-125kph, due to the size of it compared to the little 2 litre engine.

It got lots of traction, the car is well balanced and doesn’t squat much at all! The initial torque when the turbo comes online is reduced so the tyres get a chance to hook. 100-200kph is insane haha!”

Super Saab Torque