57,267 of Registered SAAB Cars on German Roads in 2014

Of course, Volkswagen, Opel and Mercedes Benz remain the most common car brands registered in Germany. The total number of cars in Germany increased by 1% in 2014,  to a record 61.5 million vehicles.

As expected, due to the absence of new Saab registrations, number of Saab vehicles on German roads from year to year decreases. But, still it is a figure that is around 60 000.

In 2012 it was registered 63,535 Saab’s, in 2013 60.296, and last in 2014 on German roads were 57,267 Saab cars, with 0.1 of Market share (statistics released by the KBA).

The average age of cars in Germany is now 8.8 years. 451,000 cars are older than 30 years – of these 314,000 use historical number plates, which give amongst others tax and insurance benefits to older cars in original condition.

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