3D DIY: Saab 900 Hatch Trim Piece

Saab 900 OG Parts

If you have a Saab 900 OG, you may have a having rust/water problems on the hatch, on those horizontal trim pieces between the hatch latch handle and the inner tail-lights.

This thing (Saab 900 Hatch Trim Piece) is intended to replace the horizontal trim piece on the later hatchback Saab 900s (up to model year 1993), to fit between the trunk latch handle and the inner tail-lights.

The original part is connected to the car with steel fasteners through holes drilled in the hatch, which is a frequent water entry and rust point.

Parts are marked for left/right. The original has radiused edges on the top and bottom outside edges, which I will do with a sanding block.

If you are having rust problems there, and have access to someone with a 3D printer, feel free to use this plan. Author released it under the license that says “Adapt it if you want, just give me credit for the original, and don’t sell it”.