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360 Degree Panoramic View Camera System in Saab Cars

Saab 9-3 360 degree panoramic view car cameraSaab 9-3 360 degree panoramic view car camera

The vast majority of today’s modern cars have at least one camera installed on the vehicle, at least the one in the function of parking assist for reversing. Some cars offer two or even more cameras as standard, but most manufacturers have opted for a 4-camera system by offering some variation of the vehicle’s graphical display in a full 360-degree perspective.

As we have witnessed that there are no new Saab cars from the Factory in Trollhattan for 10 years, unfortunately, the owners of more modern Saaab cars do not have this option with cameras installed in vehicles. But fortunately, there is a large selection of aftermarket video system solutions for car installation compensation in Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5.

360 stepeni kamera sistem ugrađen u Saab 9-3
360 stepeni kamera sistem ugrađen u Saab 9-3

Interestingly, in the price lists of accessories for the Saab 9-5NG model for 2012, an additional option appeared under the code RV-CAM. It was an option to install a rear view camera as part of the parking assistance system. Unfortunately, the production of cars stopped before the printing of this price list, so Saab 9-5ng vehicles with this equipment were never delivered to the market. Fortunately again, a large number of Saab 9-5ng model owners have managed to retrofit the rear parking assistant camera so that they now have the ability to easily park a really large, long vehicle.

However, thanks to globalization, the development of electronic components and their reduction in price (read: Chinese products), we have the opportunity to install retrofit camera assistant systems for a little money, even in Saab cars of the older generation. Here, however, we are targeting the Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 from the last production decade. Many automotive electronics services offer assistance systems with one or even 4 cameras for panoramic view around the car.

However, the former Taiwanese importer, dealer and servicer of Saab cars “SAC” went the furthest and offered the installation of 360 Degree Panoramic View Camera Systems to the owners there through a network of their own Saab services. In the following example we can see how this system built into the Saab 9-3 looks and works in practice:

The system consists of 4 HD video cameras – 180 ° angle widths, which capture a composite image like a bird flying right above your vehicle. This video system eliminates all “dead” angles using 360-degree 3D virtual technology that captures real-time footage, and it is manufactured according to the IPX67 protocol, which makes it resistant to rain.

Black Box functions – a driving recorder with 4-channel cameras recording simultaneously
Black Box functions – a driving recorder with 4-channel cameras recording simultaneously

The 3D camera system records in a radius of 360 degrees, usually in HD resolution, which makes it your witness in real time. It can be your “other pair of eyes” that sees everything and takes extra care of you. Something like an insurance policy on the go. With this camera, you will enjoy the freedom that driving provides, and at the same time you can see everything in time in case something unforeseen happens.

Compared to most other brands that produce car cameras that capture only the front or only the rear end of the vehicle, this system has 4 cameras, front, back left and right, providing a rounded 360-degree view of your car. Also, it may record the situation on all 4 cameras so that you can view the camera footage later.

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